Introducing WSNS
The Unstoppable Finance Suite
The WallStreetNinja suite (WSNS) is a complete decentralized finance solution, where users can access the DeFi ecosystem chain of their choice, in a more simplistic manner, broadening accessibility and fostering mainstream adoption. We feel the barrier to adoption is the need to install browser extensions and smartphone wallet apps. There are already a multitude of protocols and liquidity available within the DeFi ecosystem, but largely inaccessible to the average person. Essentially we want to give people accessibility to existing infrastructure in a more user friendly fashion.
Our solution is to provide an easy to use web application that does not require browser extensions or userside web3 plugins. Instead we intend to take advantage of blockchain relay and protocol APIs such as Pocket Network and 1inch. In sticking with the decentralized nature of the ecosystem, we intend to host the suite on Dfinity’s Internet Computer, which will also provide a single sign-on facility via Dfinity’s Internet Identity, however initially we will also provide an option for password (with seed phrase backup) with 2fa sign-on. The most popular technology device in the world is the mobile phone. There are 5.27 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today. WSNS will be accessible across the globe with multilingual support via mobile phone and desktop, making it the users personal decentralized finance solution.
Last modified 3mo ago
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